Romaco and MG2 Powder Conference in Bologna

The  two-day  Powder  Conference  hosted  by  Romaco  and  MG2  in  Bologna  in
September 2016 was a huge success. Visitors from all over the world travelled
to Italy to learn more about processing and filling pharmaceutical powders.

More than a hundred powder specialists from all over the world gathered at the
Romaco and MG2 Powder Conference in Bologna/Italy on September 13 and 14,

Technologies  for  manufacturing,  processing  and  dosing  pharmaceutical
powders were spotlighted and discussed in more than twenty presentations and
several machine demonstrations. Visitors to the two-day event were invited to
the various sessions at Romaco S.r.l. and MG2, both based in the outskirts of
Bologna. Later in the evening, all the conference participants got together in the
vineyards of the Colli Bolognesi to review and exchange the day’s experiences in
a magnificent setting.

Romaco’s powder portfolio
Romaco Macofar is a supplier of solutions for aseptic and non-aseptic dosing of
pharmaceutical powders and an established player in the global pharmaceutical
markets since the seventies. The Romaco Macofar powder portfolio goes hand
in  hand  with  Romaco  Kilian  tableting  solutions  as  well  as  Romaco  Innojet’s
expertise in the granulation and coating of pharmaceutical solids.
The  part  of  the  event  which  took  place  at  Romaco  was  divided  between  a
theoretical  examination  of  the  various  technologies  for  processing
pharmaceutical  powders  and  a  number  of  practical  trials  and  demonstrations.
The presentation of the Macofar MicroMaxX 18 aseptic powder filling machine in
the  new  cleanroom  at  Romaco’s  Bologna  facility  was  undoubtedly  one  of  the
high points. Since the installation of the GMP compliant cleanroom environment,
real  products can  now be  tested  there for  the first  time  under real  production
conditions. This is an enormous advantage when preparing a machine for use by
the customer or conducting test series.